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Living Lightly exhibitions have been a space for students, academia, pastoral people, craftsmen citizens, government officials, and practitioners to come together and engage over a variety of events including Workshops, Conferences, and Bazaars. While the exhibits have been the foundation on which the Living Lightly Project was conceptualised, the events and exhibitions became the heart of Living Lightly. The engaged and impassioned conversations during these events led to many new projects and collaborations; and they gave us great heart and confidence. Here we present a peek into the mahaul (mood and atmosphere) of these events.

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The second edition of the Living Lightly exhibition was held over four days at the iconic ATMA Building in Ahmedabad in October 2017. The second edition of the event was hosted by the Centre for Pastoralism. This edition of the event hosted consultations on breeds, livelihoods, access to grazing rights as well as workshops on pastoral cheeses, crafts and for school students.

The academic conference and a little bit about it. A glimpse of what happened. 

Once again pastoral community leaders, a union minister, senior government officials, practitioners, academics, students, craft enthusiasts and citizens participated with great gusto. The pastoralists demanded that the exhibition move south and focus on the Deccan Plateau next. It was decided that the next edition of the LL exhibition will move to Bangalore which is now scheduled to be held in the winter months of 2022.

Donors: Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, Axis Bank Foundation, HBF, Adani Solar, and Agrocel

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