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Exhibitions & Events


Pastoralists, from regions across India, have their own ways of speaking about their relationships with land, animals; invoke god, or tell the world about the stories of their origin. Such forms of expressions are often as unique as they are enchanting. We find them in poetry, songs, theatre, story telling.

Both the Living Lightly Delhi and Ahmedabad exhibitions have invited pastoralists to present their stories and rituals through performances which have included the Oggu Katha from Kuruma herders of Telangana, Bhitai (rendition of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s poetry), Waee by Sindhi herders, Kabir Bhajan by Rabari herders and much more!

This section brings glimpses of times when the pastoralists captivated audiences of Delhi and Ahmedabad during the Living Lightly exhibitions of 2016 and 2017.

Oggu Katha performance by Kuruma herders from Telangana at IGNCA, Delhi

A Dastangoi recitation by Ankit Chadha. See more of Ankit’s Dastangoi here

An intimate Rooh ji Rehan musical performance warming hearts on a cold evening at IGNCA, Delhi

A group of herder-musicians performing at House of MG, Ahemdabad