~ Dying to Live

Times of plenty can turn into times of loss and devastation in a moment of reversal. No one knows this better than the herder, who, in intimate touch with the elements, stays open and exposed.
Sometimes it rains, and then it doesn’t stop. The monsoon becomes menacing, bringing disease and death in its relentlessness. An entire herd of animals shrinks to a few haggards in the space of weeks.
The herders have codes of interdependence that ensure that they look out for each other. But it is faith and acceptance that gets the herder back up on his or her feet and walking again… for she knows it better than many security-conscious nervous urban dwellers, that a gust of wind can blow all plans and possessions.
You’ll turn to dust one day
You’ll merge with the earth
Don’t be so proud, oh fellow
The wind will blow you away

Layering Brick Upon Brick-Kabir