Laying Brick Upon Brick

~ Kabir

Laying brick upon brick
The fool says,”My house”!
Not my house, nor your house
This world’s a merry-go-round

You’ll turn to dust one day
You’ll merge with the earth
Do’nt be so proud, oh fellow
The wind will blow you away

Your attire may be find or rough
You may wear the best silks
Spend a lot of money on finery
it all ends in death
You’ll turn to dust…

Wear expensive gold or silver
Or the finest diamonds
Wear pearls over and over
It all ends i death
You’ll turn to dust…

Your mother may mourn for years
Your sister for many months
Your partner will wait a few days
Then look for someone else!
You’ll turn to dust…

You may live one day or two
Or a hundred years
Kabir says, listen friend
It all ends in death
You’ll turn to dust…