~ Eyes that beguile

Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai imagines eyes that leap like stars across a sleeping world. Latif is a treasured voice in the life of Kachchhi herders. He settled on a ‘bhit’ or ‘mound’ and is hence called ‘Bhitai’.
Latif often speaks in the voices of strong women- Sasui, Marui, Sohini- real women who lived centuries ago and whose tragic love stories grew into prized legends evoking deep sensations.
As we journey through the life of the herders of Kachchh, we also journey through a dream universe sketched by Latif’s poetry – where one quarrels with the moon and eyes have secret trysts with the Beloved.
Don’t look with the eye
Of worldly love
Those who seek open-eyed
Find him missing
Only they behold him
Who close their eyes
I Scrambled to Stop These Eyes -Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai