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The Vanishing Grasslands

Grasslands are the most productive and resilient ecosystems on the subcontinent, home to a large kingdom of flora and fauna. Grassland herbs and shrubs have developed specialised underground organs that enable them to sprout again repeatedly. While forests hold carbon in their trunks, grasses hide carbon under the ground.

What a Tasty Food Plate !

Pastoralism thrives on Grasslands and vice-versa. India’s grasslands have been the food plate for the 250 million animals that thrive in our extensive pastoral systems —the largest number in pastoralism across the world. In fact grasslands are the most amazing thali that humans can imagine! The Banni grassland too has 43 tasty dishes (grasses) on the plate; some for nutrition, some as masala, and yet others as the dessert!

While some grass species provide nutrition, others offer sharp and tart flavours, and yet others are sweet, like the dessert we have at the end of a meal. It takes a bovine’s taste buds to discern the difference. Grasslands are classified on the basis of the salinity, moisture and quality of soil. Maldharis (pastoralists) recognize these as Meethi(sweet) and Khaari(salty) soils.

There are 26 varieties of meethi grasses, 17 of khaari, and 10 creepers on the plate, besides the shrubs and herbs!
Come, dip into our delicious thali!