The Black Hills of Kachchh

~ Aal

The black hills of Kutch
Stand like dark beautiful Krishna
Their peaks lit by the rising sun
Like golden pots
On the head of the Goddess
Swathed, dancing furiously
In her famous black cape

The moon so close to the hill-
What a wondrous sight!
As though a radiant Radha leans over
To whisper in her dark lover’s ear
Clouds cluster her moon-face
Like tousled locks
The black hills of Kutch…

Like a banyan spreading roots
By a flowing river
A yogi with splendid dreadlocks
Gathers water in his palms
Immersed in chant
Revering his lord
The black hills of Kutch…

The sun sets upon the hills
What a glorious signt, says Aal
As though draped in orange
The mischievous son of Nand
Plays a riotous Holi
Spraying colour on everyone
The black hills of Kutch…