Note on the big idea

The idea behind the exhibition

Many researchers consider pastoralism to be one of the few production systems that are both economically and ecologically viable. In a world  increasingly beset with the threat of climate change and a need to reduce its carbon footprint, pastoral production systems remain a ray of hope, that needs support and recognition. Pastoral animal breeds, nurtured over generations by herders, have mastered the art of survival and production in extreme climes and environments. These pastoral systems and their ecosystems share a nuanced relationship of giving and taking that nurtures both; a relationship that, at times, unveils itself only to a trained eye.

This richness of ecosystems that have been home to pastoral systems have come to boomerang as, in an effort to conserve them, the pastoralists who have been caretakers of these lands find access ways blocked. These pastoral production systems and their breeds can thrive only in those specific ecosystems, and by cutting off their access we risk losing the systems, their knowledge and most importantly the breeds.