Jo Bertini’s Art

Jo Bertini’s Art works


Jo Bertini is an award-winning, celebrated artist from Australia, who is a painter, lecturer and teacher at various national and regional art galleries.

Jo is an artist on the move – she has been living and moving amidst camels for the last two decades. She has developed a range of stunning art-works on paper and cloth which will be launched during the exhibition. She will also speak about her art-works to a select audience on the 4th of December (4:30 – 5:30 p.m.)

Essentially it is the concept of ‘connection to country’ that Jo’s work is mostly concerned with. Her preoccupation is how the land, or landscapes affect people. “When people go out to the desert, they become transformed in some way, they become ‘desertified’. The change is often a practical, as much as a spiritual one. Everything is reliant on your senses, your experience, your connection with weather, with landscape, it’s all very immediate and instinctive. That’s what desertification is; it’s this relationship that is a symbiotic and constant dialogue between landscape and people. That’s what our history and our science are about, and that’s my work is about – it’s about this relationship.”