Beginners’ Book

Beginner’s Book

Pastoralism as an occupation continues to remain in the realm of the invisible and the unknown for many. Towards creating a foundation for meaningful engagement with pastoralists and other stakeholders, Living Lightly has collaborated with a team of experts to develop a beginners’ book on pastoralism.

The exhibition will see the launch of “A World Without a Roof, Stories of Pastoralism from India’. With its evocative illustrations and lucid narration, the book brings out the essence of pastoralism and pastoral societies – this includes its evolution over time, the varied ecosystems that pastoralists and their livestock inhabit and traverse, their cultural world, economic contribution, and the various forms in which it is practiced. Similar to figures in a landscape painting that offer perspective and points of view,  the book presents four protagonists from different pastoral groups presenting an intimate, ‘up close’ view of the hopes and fears, struggles and successes of their communities.

The book has been conceived, penned and visualized by Sarita Sundar, researcher and graphic artist, and illustrated by Somesh Kumar, with inputs from Arvind Lodaya.